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Customers Love LaLa Seasongings!

I just want to let you know I received and tried the seasonings you sent me. They were amazing!  I sure wished that I lived closer to you because I would be your best customer. I never tasted anything like them before. My family BBQs all the time and we use it on all meats.

Tracy A.    

Since first diagnosed with coronary artery disease 15 years ago we have had to make severe changes to our diet. Salt (sodium) became poison to me. Foods were bland because nearly every spice blend includes a lot of salt. We tried Mrs. Dash and it was better than nothing - but then we discovered your wonderful spices! We have a brand-new 21 oz. jar of Mrs. Dash that sits unopened on the shelf. I've thought about giving it away but I'd rather turn my friends on to the better taste of LaLa's Seasonings.

Robin G.    

I've used your seasonings on poultry and eggs. I liked it on the eggs - the one without the chili pepper, as I'm not a spicy foods person. It added a nice exotic touch to what is usually a rather bland food. Thanks!

Susan I.    

LaRae you have a talent for putting together different herbs and spices that complement a variety of foods. Your original seasonings are great, but the one with paprika and now the new blackening seasonings WOW! They enhance any type of meat, poultry, or fish pan seared, baked, or grilled. And they are wonderful on vegetables and in dishes like soups and sauces. Thank you for sharing your blends with us!

Randy & Karen W.    

LaRae, you have put together some great spice combinations! I use them on all my meat. When ready to BBQ I plan on using the spices on veggies to roast in the BBQ. They are great!!!

Mona B.    

I am a 71 year old man and I have been cooking for 50 years. I don't know of any other seasoning that is so good on all meats and most vegetables. Makes the soups and stews come alive!  It is an all in one seasoning, it makes cooking so much easier. Thanks   I love it!

Jim M.    

Custom spices! Who would have thought it was possible, but LaLa's has hit the mark! From a special blend without onion for my husband to just a really good all around blend for general cooking I love them. Thanks LaRae!

Zee E.   

I used the "Original" on a whole chicken. I rubbed the seasoning inside and out. I added 2 layers of foil and cooked it at 325 for 2 hours. It was so tender and so delicious it melted in your mouth. I can't wait to try the other seasonings!

Connie M.  

I am a person that has a very tender mouth that can't tolerate spicy herbs of any kind. I have tried the "Original" on so many dishes. It is so delicious and wonderful.  I am looking forward to try the other seasonings with no spicy herbs in it.

Doris K.   

I just wanted to give you a good report on the spice mixes that LaLa's has been creating for me. They add to any meal and can be used on most anything that I usually season.  My favorite is on fried potatoes. It is so nice to be able to order them without pepper since pepper causes me problems.

 Marty E.   

I love these seasonings! They are great on meats, veggies, and eggs. I especially like the "Classic" with the red chili pepper. I am an MS patient so I have to watch for MSG. Lala Seasonings I can have! Thank you, LaRae for following your dream!

Diane G.  

I have tried both Classic and Original Lala Seasonings. While I like a little spice to my flavor and prefer the Classic, my little girls like the Original. It is nice to have an all natural spice that adds lots of flavor without sodium. The Classic makes a fabulous herb rubbed roast. I look forward to trying the other spices in line.


Tara R.